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Company Profile
PT. Astra International Tbk
Head Office :
AMDI Building
Jl. Gaya Motor No. 8, Sunter II
Jakarta 14330
Phone:(021) 652.2555, 6530.4965, 6530.4961
Fax:(021) 651.2059, 6530.4953

PT Astra International Tbk is the holding company of the Astra Group, which was founded in 1957. Astra is one of Indonesia’s largest and most reputable business groups because of its widely recognized, highly professional management team that insists on a high level of transparency in all their dealings.

The Astra Group is involved in a wide range of businesses covering motor vehicle manufacturing, distribution, sales and rental, financial services, natural resources as well as IT and office equipment. In auto industry, Astra is associated with some of the best names in business, including Toyota, Daihatsu, Isuzu, BMW, Peugeot, Nissan Diesel and Honda motorcycles.



 General trading, industry, mining, transportation, agriculture, construction and consultancy  

Share Holders
Jardine Cycle & Carriage Ltd20,288,255,04050.11%
Budi Setiadharma (Presdir)8,540,0000.02%
Anthony John Liddell Nightingale (Com)6,100,0000.02%
Others (< 5%) 20,180,658,10049.85%
Per 30 Sep 2013
President Commissioner: Budi Setiadharma
Commissioner: Anthony John Liddell Nightingale
Commissioner: Mark Spencer Greenberg
Commissioner: Benjamin William Keswick
Commissioner: Chiew Sin Cheok
Commissioner: Jonathan Chang
Commissioner: David Alexander Newbigging
Independent Commissioner: Soemadi Djoko Moerdjono B.
Independent Commissioner: Kyoichi Tanada
Independent Commissioner: Erry Firmansyah
Per 31 Mar 2013
President Director/Ind  Prijono Sugiarto
Independent Director  Gunawan Geniusahardja
Independent Director  Johny Darmawan Danusasmita
Independent Director   Djoko Pranoto
Independent Director  Widya Wiryawan
Independent Director   Angky Tisnadisastra
Independent Director  Sudirman Maman Rusdi
Independent Director   Johannes Loman
Director  Simon Collier Dixon
Per 31 Mar 2013