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Company Profile
PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk
Head Office :
Wisma BCA
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.22-23
Jakarta 12920
Phone:(021) 571.1250, 520.8650, 520.8750, 522.4838
Fax:(021) 571.0928, 570.1865

PT. Bank Central Asia, Tbk was established on October 1955.


Banking Industries
BCA Products & Services:
Letter of Credit (L/C) – From Sight L/C, Usance L/C, Red Clause L/C to Standby L/C in 22 foreign currencies to various parts of the world.
Negotiation-Advanced payment to exporters by taking over L/C export documents
Discount- A facility which enables the customers to receive advanced payment by selling Usance L/C that has been accepted by opening bank to BCA.
Documentary Collections- A facility to make Collections payment instrument
Foreign Exchange
Forward – Foreign exchange sale or purchase transaction in a fixed amount and at a fixed price by delivery and receipt of funds in more than two business days from the transaction date.
Swap – A combined transaction of sale and purchase between two currencies in a fixed amount and at a fixed price by cash purchase (SPOT) and future resale (FORWARD) or cash sale (SPOT) and future repurchase (FORWARD)
Cash Management
BCA Link – An electronic banking product to assist corporate customers In managing their finance via personal computers.

Share Holders
FarIndo Investments (Mauritius) Ltd qq. Farallon Capital Management LLC11,625,990,00047.15%
Anthoy Salim434,079,9761.76%
Management :
   - Commissioner26,060,9100.10%
   - Director37,954,2810.16%
Public, others12,533,103,58650.83%
Per 30 Sep 2013
President Commissioner: Ir. Djohan Emir Setijoso 
Commissioner: Tonny Kusnadi
Independent Commissioner: Cyrillus Harinowo
Independent Commissioner: Sigit Pramono 
Independent Commissioner: Raden Pardede
Per 31 Dec 2012
President Director: Jahja Setiaatmadja
Vice President Director: Eugene Keith Galbraith 
Director: Dhalia Mansor Ariotedjo
Director: Anthony Brent Elam
Director: Tan Ho Hien / Subur Tan
Director: Suwignyo Budiman
Director: Renaldo Hector Barros
  Director    Henry Koenaifi
  Director    Armand Wahyudi Hartono
  Director    Erwan Yuris Ang
 Per 31 Dec 2012