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Company Profile
PT. Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk
Head Office :
Menara Bank Danamon Lt. 7
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. E.4/6 Mega Kuningan, Jakarta 12950  
PO BOX 8800 JKP 10900
Phone:(021) 5799.1001-03 (Hunting)
Fax:(021) 5799.1160-61

Bank Danamon was founded in July 1956, received its permit as a commercial bank the following September 1956, and became a foreign exchange bank in November 1988. During the Asian Financial crisis of 1997, Bank Danamon ran into a liquidity insolvency and was taken over by the government of Indonesia in April 1998, which placed in the care of the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA) to be included in the bank recapitalization and merger programs.

Following a third rights issue by Bank Danamon and the subsequent merging of Bank PDFCI into the Bank on December 30, 1999; the racapitalizaton of Bank Danamon which increased its statutory capital To Rp 10 trillion on May 17, 2000; and the merging of eight private banks (Bank Jaya, Bank Tiara Asia, Bank Pos Nusntara, Bank Rama, Bank Tamara, Bank Nusa Nasional, Bank Duta and Bank Bank Risjad Salim International) into Bank Danamon on June 30, 2000; Bank Danamon re-emerged as one of Indonesia’s four designated core banks along with Bank Central Asia in the private sector, and with Bank andiri and Bank BNI in the Public sector.



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Share Holders
Series A @ Rp.50,000
Series B @ Rp.500
Asia Financial (Ina)Pte.Ltd. 6,457,558,47267.37%
JPMCB-Franklin Templeton Inv. Funds612,879,8886.39%
Public (< 5%) 2,465,934,73325.74%
Commissioner and Director25,870,2720.27%
Per 30 Sep 2013
President Commissioner: Ng Kee Choe       
Vice President Commissioner/Ind: J.B. Kristiadi P
Independent Commissioner: Harry Arief Soepardi Sukadis
Independent Commissioner: Manggi Taruna Habir
Independent Commissioner : Milan Robert Shuster
Commissioner: Ernest Wong Yuen Weng
Commissioner: Benedictus Raksaka Mahi Ph.D
Commissioner: Gan Chee Yen
Per 10 May 2013
President Director: Henry Ho Hon Cheong
Independent Director : Satinder Pal Singh Ahluwalia
Independent Director: Vera Eve Lim
Independent Director: Ali Rukmijah (Ali Yong)
Independent Director: Herry Hykmanto
Independent Director: Fransiska Oei Lan Siem
Independent Director: Kanchan Kshav Nijasure
Independent Director: Pradip Chhadva
Independent Director: Michellina Laksmi Triwardhanny
Independent Director: Muliadi Rahardja
Independent Director  Khoe Minhari Handikusuma
Per 10 May 2013