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Company Profile
PT. Pembangunan Perumahan (Persero) Tbk
Head Office :
Plaza PP
Jl. Letjend TB. Simatupang No.57
Pasar Rebo - Jakarta 13760
Phone:(021) 840.3883
Fax:(021) 840.3890

PT PP (Persero) was established under the name of NV Pembangunan Perumahan based on the Notarial Deed No. 48 of August 26, 1953. At the time it was established PT PP (Persero) was entrusted to build houses for the officers of PT Semen Gresik Tbk, a subsidiary of BAPINDO in Gresik. Along with increased trust, PT PP (Persero) received the duty to construct large projects that were related to war compensations the Government of Japan paid to the Republic of Indonesia, namely : - Hotel Indonesia, Bali Beach Hotel, - Ambarukmo Palace Hotel and - Samudera Beach Hotel.


In compliance to Government Regulation No. 63 year 1960, PN (Perusahaan Negara) Pembangunan Perumahan changed into PN Pembangunan Perumahan. 


In 1962, PT PP (Persero) completed the construction of Hotel Indonesia, a 14 stories with 427 rooms, which at the time was the highest building in Indonesia. 


In compliance to the Government Regulation No. 39 year 1971, PN Pembangunan Perumahan changed and become PT Pembangunan Perumahan (Persero), which was legalized through the Deed No. 78 dated March 15, 1973. The Company's core business was construction services. 


For more than five decades, PT PP (Persero) has been a key player in the national construction business. Several mega projects have been constructed in that period. Subsequently, starting in 1991, PT PP (Persero) diversified its business, including office space rental at Plaza PP and realty business development in the area of Cibubur, and also the establishment of several subsidiaries through partnerships with foreign companies, among others PT PP Taisei Indonesia Construction and PT Mitracipta Polasarana.



The current business activities of the Company are in construction services, real estate (developer), properties and investment in infrastructure and energy

Share Holders
Negara Republik Indonesia2,469,642,76051.00%
Cooperative employees PT PP298,359,0006.16%
Per 30 Sep 2013
President Commissioner: Djoko Murjanto
Independent Commissioner: Ir. Daryatno
Commissioner  Eddy Purwanto, SE,MPA
Commissioner: Winarno
Commissioner: Timbul Tambunan
Independent Commissioner : Husein Thaib, S.IP
Per 30 Apr 2013
President Director: Ir. Bambang Triwibowo
Director: Ir. Tumiyana
Director: Ir. I Wayan Karioka
Director: Ir.Harry Nugroho
Director: Ir. Ketut Darmawan
Per 30 Apr 2013